No Shave November

Dylon Wilhoit, Assistant News Editor

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November is here and it’s time to let hair grow and flow. No shave November is a time when some people choose to  let their hair grow to raise awareness about cancer. Since most cancer patients lose their hair, people all over grow theirs out, so they can donate the money they usually spend on shaving products into finding a cure.

The cause of hair loss in most cancer patients is the result of chemotherapy. Some teachers that participate in this national event are Mr. Matthew Gadberry, and Mr. Max Howard. They let their beards grow for the sake of a cure. “ It [No Shave November] is good, it raises awareness for cancer,” Mr. Howard said.

For future generations of people who may develop cancer, funds raised from No Shave November may be the funds used to find a cure. So let down your hair and let it grow for the people who need a cure.

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No Shave November